Hoohk is a one-stop shop for advertisers to discover, plan,
buy and measure media across multiple offline channels.

Catch new customers with Hoohk


Discover and compare 250+ placements in Sacramento alone across media types and suppliers


Buying, contracting & implementation all handled by Hoohk, significantly reducing time to value


Highly competitive CPMs and extremely low take rates ensures the best return on your ad spend

What we do

Hoohk makes buying offline media easier than ever.

Consolidated Inventory

Hoohk negotiates with national and regional media owners across out-of-home (billboards, benches, bus stops, etc.) and print to bring as much relevant supply as possible to the marketplace.

Advanced Discovery Tools

Cross-channel and cross-vendor placements are made available in a single buying platform, enabling discovery and comparison of ad spots based on location, price, reach or CPM.

Easy Placement

Once you’ve found the right placements, Hoohk handles purchasing, contracting, and implementation across vendors, saving you time and hassle.

Advanced Reach

Brainstorm new ways of reaching your customers or extend and renew your current plan using our AI-based media planning tool, allowing you to create a custom media plan in seconds.

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